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Bill of the Dead Adventures Omnibus - Signed Paperback

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This omnibus edition contains the first FOUR stories of Bill of the Dead Adventures, the companion series to the bestselling Bill of the Dead saga.

You’ve read Bill Ryder’s story, now it’s time for some of his friends to share in the spotlight as they strive to survive in a world of homicidal house pets, crazed zealots, murderous mermen, and more.



Tom McIntyre should be dead – at least three times over. Instead, he’s been reborn into the body of his best friend’s ex. If that wasn’t awkward enough, he’s also been gifted with incredible vampire-slaying powers. Now he just has to figure out how to use them, especially since he has no choice but to kick evil’s ass or die trying.


Since the days of Kublai Khan, a vampire known as the Wanderer has walked among us, living countless lives – warrior, adventurer, and lover. Once he was an apex predator, living or dying by the rules of the hunt. Now, though, he’s not so sure. Still, every day is a new struggle when you have a beast inside of you that wants nothing more than to drown everything you know and love in a sea of blood.


Kelly Schwarz is a witch with a unique problem – she’s married to one of the Templar, an order sworn to destroy her and those like her. For five years they managed to make it work, during a time when all supernatural power was banished from the world. But now magic is back and so are the old rivalries. Kelly will have to fight to save her marriage, but can she fan the flames of love without ending up burning at the stake?


Being a blind girl in a big city is tough, but being a blind vampire, well, that’s a trip. Charisma Reyes’s world is turned upside down when she wakes up to find her senses have all been dialed up to eleven, allowing her to traverse the rooftops and shadows with ease. She’s not the only monster in town, though. When her loved ones are threatened, she’ll have to do whatever it takes to prove to her enemies that they picked the wrong family to mess with.

Bonus story


For over 300 years, Gansetseg – daughter of Ogedei Khan – prepared for a time when she would rule over mankind from the shadows. That all ended, however, on the day when magic was banished from the world, leaving her mortal again. Now, four years later, she has a chance to reclaim the power she lost. Madness, ruin, and even death might await her down that path, but such things are minor obstacles to one who has the will to forge her own destiny – the natural order be damned.

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Genres: Horror Comedy, Urban Fantasy, Action & Adventure

Age: 18+

Content Warning: adult language, violence, gore, sexual situations, sophomoric humor