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Strange Days (Bill of the Dead 1) - Signed Paperback

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Bill the Vampire is back in Strange Days – Bill of the Dead 1 –the eagerly awaited continuation of the bestselling Tome of Bill horror comedy series.

Five years ago, dateless dork Bill Ryder managed to save the world, banishing magic and monsters to the shadows. He thought it was over, that he was finished with that life. Turns out he was dead wrong, meaning shit’s about to get surreal again.

Now the impossible has happened. His goddaughter is conjuring fireballs from thin air and two vampires have shown up at his doorstep looking to kick his ass.

A deranged group of ex-wizards are intent on tearing open the door between worlds, once more unleashing nightmarish horrors upon humanity, and only Bill and his friends stand in their way.

Join him in this sidesplitting tale of a world teetering on the brink of anarchy and the unlikely hero who’s not afraid to look the madness in the eye and flip it both middle fingers.

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Strange Days is the thrilling continuation of the Tome of Bill series, the epitome of vampire comedy. If you enjoy Shayne SilversSteve McHugh, or Hunter Blain, then buckle up for an unforgettable ride with Bill of the Dead!

Grab your copy of Strange Days today and immerse yourself back into the captivating world of Bill The Vampire, where one ordinary geek battles extraordinary odds!

Genres: Horror Comedy, Urban Fantasy, Action & Adventure

Age: 18+

Content Warning: adult language, violence, gore, sexual situations, sophomoric humor